Lean Digital Branding.

Here at Hyperfocus, we build brands for digital startups. We love great ideas, and even more than that we love it when those ideas become reality.


Building brands for digital startups.

We will develop your brand by using a unique lean design process that we have created. It is faster, better and smarter than traditional branding agencies.  

Our Process

6 Steps to Success

At the very core of Hyperfocus’s process are 6 steps that play out in every scenario of your digital brand development. Jump into our brand sprint and see how we can apply our methods to get the very best results for your startup. Let's get you ready for your next big adventure.


Previously we have worked for these brands.


Jeremy Abbett

Creative Evangelist

“Today's reality has clearly demonstrated we have reached the unknown and cannot rely on past methods to deliver desirable futures. Hyperfocus works at the intersection of design, technology, and strategy to support startups in defining a seamless brand experience.”


Nico Wohlgemuth

Dayone Berlin

“I had the pleasure to work with Paul as a UX / UI duo for a big German Corporation to develop their digital services. I had a diversely educated, super talented designer and sparring partner. I would work with him without hesitation anywhere, any time.”

We are at an intersection.

We hit the sweet spot, weaving Strategy, Design & Technology together.


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A seamless experience.

We build strong cohesive brands that people just can't help but fall in love with!


Bridging the gap between UI, UX, brand & design.

The backbone of a great digital brand experience is the relationship between many different disciplines all working in harmony.

Familiar, lovable, memorable
& surprising.

Ultimately building products that at first sight to the user seem familiar, as if they had been there before. They become lovable and memorable, they are shared independently with others. They are surprising! users and your audience keep coming back for more.


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We have three packages.

We make it really easy by giving you exactly what you need. There are three tailored packages that we offer for each stage of your development as a startup. Using our unique 6 Step Digital Brand Process that can be applied at any stage of your startup.



Early Stage Startup 12.5 K

If you are an ‘early stage’ startup and are looking for investment, we will help to position your brand with our tailored-made workshop, develop your basic digital brand foundations and get you ready for the future.



Funded Startup from 20 K

You are already making business and you have a solid customer base. Your product is growing through your website or App, but you feel your brand could do with some polishing. We will reflect where you are heading and help you to engage more with your audience, audit your brand and build you back up bigger, stronger, and more focused than before, ready for the next steps in the evolution of your brand.



Venture Funded Startup from 40 K

At this stage of growth, you need a branding consultancy that is very specific to your needs. Hyperfocus for example understands the importance of technology and streamlining brand-related products quickly and efficiently. We are here to help and can tailor-make the right type of package that suits your needs at this stage of your development. Evolving your brand, user interaction, and perception in the marketplace.

We have written a comprehensive guide on Medium for you.


We are always on the lookout to collaborate with inspiring people on our projects. If you think you fit our culture and love what you do. Please send your folio over and we will be in touch.


Hyperfocus is an intense form of mental concentration or visualization that focuses consciousness on a subject, topic, or task. 

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