ADC – Artificial Realities 2023

It was a big day for us.

Our co-founder Paul, stood on stage this year at the ADC, Artificial Realities in Düsseldorf Germany and hosted a panel of two incredible guests, Iskra Velichkova Kleinanzeigen & Roger Dudler Frontify They were welcomed by a packed auditorium of hungry attendees wanting to hear something new and exciting about Ai in the world of branding.

We can safely say, the talk did not disappoint, an honest and emotional talk from the panel lit the room with energy and intrigue. The perspective from Iskra was honest and powerful, Roger brought his fears and woes to the table, but also saw a brighter more optimistic future than the bleak ai driven one some of us fear. It was truly a wonderful talk and an incredible honour and experience for us to represent our studio and these amazing people.

A big thank you to the Art Directors Club (ADC) and to Burkhard Müller for inviting us.

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