Who is … Jermaine

Who is Jermaine?

Hey, I am Jermaine, 24 years old and freshly graduated from my Communication Design studies. My mother is from South Korea and Christian, my dad is from Ghana and Muslim. I live here in Hamburg, Germany, and I'm trying to be myself to the fullest extent.

What are you doing here and tell us who you really are?

I’m a Junior Designer at Hyperfocus, diving into the world of design with passion and curiosity. Who am I? A creative who loves making things, whether it's design, music, photography, or fashion.

How did you come to work with Hyperfocus?

After finishing my studies, I was eager to find a space that matched my creative vision. My mentor, Alexander Meinhardt, highly recommended Hyperfocus. After a few inspiring chats with the team at one of his events, it felt like the perfect fit. The energy and dedication here is infectious, and I feel honored to join.

What made you fall in love with design?

My passion for design ignited with my first job at a textile printing company. Seeing digital designs come to life was exciting —as it turned ideas into something tangible.

What's your style?

It is my aim to refine my style as I go. I love experimenting with edgy textures and striking contrasts. I tend to create a solid foundation for my designs, then adding a visual provocation.

You working on anything big in the background?

Music, especially producing beats, is my biggest hobby alongside design. I hope to upgrade my home studio step by step and connect with more artists.

Do you have any design heroes?

If I’d have to pick, Kanye West. He's rightfully controversial, but his impact as a producer, rapper, fashion designer, and artist is undeniable. He has always inspired me with his versatility, showing that you don't have limit yourself to one interest but can excel in multiple disciplines as a creative. His influence on music, fashion, and culture has truly motivated me. But oftentimes when I get inspired, it’s the work that stands out to me.

Inspire a new generation of designers in one word.

Strive / Dedication

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