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With the best part of two decades behind us as recognized figures in our fields of branding, digital design, strategy, and graphics, we have come together to create a process and culture that makes sense today in building great digital brands. After running into the same problems time and time again on projects from small scale startups to international branding projects across large scale platforms, we decided it was the right time to solve these problems in a way we knew how.


Engage in the conversation

We had seen and understood first hand that branding agencies still held on to their very black and white traditional methods, whereas digital services often forgot to consider the narrative and storytelling in the process. We firmly believed that the essence of a good brand exists when all touchpoints make cohesive sense, consistent storytelling creates trust, the user feels understood and has the possibility to equally engage in the conversation.


Human-Centered Design

The startup scene is fast-paced and needs quick results, there's a need to test POCs and validate frequently to build a solid product. We want the branded experience to react equally, and develop at a pace that reflects the level of maturity of the business. With this determination and realization, Hyperfocus was born, giving you the right tools and foundation to build and own your own brand based around a more human-centered design approach.


Paul Watmough-Halim

Co-Founder & Brand Director


Jan Stein

Co-Founder & Brand Strategist


We are always on the lookout to collaborate with designers on our projects. If you think you fit our culture and love what you do. Please send your folio over and we will be in touch.


Hyperfocus is an intense form of mental concentration or visualization that focuses consciousness on a subject, topic, or task. 

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