Who is … Giang?

Who is Giang?

I'm Tra Giang Nguyen, a creative thinker known as Gydient. I value clarity, so when I stepped into the creative industry, I inked ‘NO BULLSHIT’ on my left arm.

What are you doing here and tell us who you really are?

I’m joining Hyper as a design director, and I’m eager to contribute my sharp skills in building brand design concepts, delivering only top-notch design, and creating a multidisciplinary toolkit with a strong design direction.

Besides, I love brands and products that display intelligent, witty creativity. Being creative means tackling old problems with a fresh approach. It could be in daily life, business, or play.

How did you come to work with Hyperfocus?

One sunny day, I dropped by the office, had a chat with the team, everything just clicked. Hyperfocus aiming to be the top design studio? I'm excited to be a part of building this goal.

What's your style?

Poetic & witty.

You working on anything big in the background?

On weekdays, I'm all about learning and growing with the Hyperfocus team. On weekends, I dedicate time to sharing lessons from my experiences through a channel broadcast. It's part of my routine for my upcoming book, expected in 2025.

What made you fall in love with design?

The power to change communication.

Do you have any design heroes?

First is Paula Scher; her design is poetic but efficient. Second is Stefan Sagmeister because I want to be brave but smart.

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