Who is… Franzi

Who is Franzi:
Hey there, as the title suggests I am Franzi. Originally from Darmstadt, I’m a graphic design student from the south of Germany, who is now on an adventure up north.

What are you doing here and tell us who you really are:
I’m joining the studio for the next 6 months as a design intern. I'm here to learn and lend a helping hand wherever I can. I'm all about personal growth and whilst doing that sharing my love for design with like-minded people.

How did you come to work with Hyperfocus:
I feel like everything these days I stumbled across them on the internet and they simply stuck in my head. Not only because of their great YouTube channel, but also because of the Vibe here in the Studio. I love working with a close-knit team and learning from everyone all at once. Now I am proud to be part of this madness!

What's your style:
My design style is all about simplicity and timelessness with a straightforward approach. Clean lines, and classic elements – that's right up my alley.

You working on anything big in the background:
I'm diving deep into the importance of language in our day-to-day interactions. You'd be surprised how words from the past still linger in our day-to-day conversations. Together with a fellow student, we’ve been working on a booklet, a never-ending project, really, that keeps educating us about the meanings behind our words and where they come from.

What made you fall in love with design:
Design is like a powerful piece of music that can change your mood in an instant. The more I learned about the nitty-gritty of design – the technical aspects, the craftsmanship, and the fusion of old and new techniques – the deeper I fell in love. And it's not just about looks; it's about core values and a strong opinion in design that really gets my heart racing.

Do you have any design heroes:
I'm inspired by the passion of those who do what they love. It's contagious and makes me want to be part of that club. And when it comes to design movements, the Swiss style has a big influence on me.

Inspire a new generation of designers in one word:

We’re always on the lookout for creative talents and collaborations with new clients. Are you one of those?
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