The one that shaped me

Innovation at Deutsche Bahn

There are a few moments in your career where you have to pinch your self. The Deutsche Bahn project is most definitely one of them. This project was a life and career defining moment as I took up the reigns as head of design for a project that would span several years and grow to over 6 teams with over 100 people.

Primarily an innovation project at DB, Bahn X as it was called was established to challenge the very essence of how digital products are developed. The project scaled at such a rate as we went from 12 to 100 over three years. Developing tools, systems and processes that at the time where industry shaping.

DB Explorer, DPP (design System), numerous tech advancements and integrations, campaigns and an entire culture built and spawned out of a incredible team all with the same mind set, to shape the future.

I am incredibly proud to be able to share a snippet of this project here in the journal.

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Check out the project here DB Case

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