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For the past few years Heimplanet has played a pretty important role with the team here at Hyperfocus. Heimplanet is an outdoor brand with an incredible catalogue of innovation on the roster. From ground breaking tents to award winning bags and beyond.

For the past couple of months we have been worked in collaboration with Corebook, an online living style guide website builder to develop their new platform. The Living Style guide we have created is a new vision for the brand as they enter their 16th years. We have worked hard to evolve their mission, vision, TOV and design language.

The aim is to set the new standards for the design team and create a central point of truth that the entire team can access, collaborate and have a shared understanding of the company vision moving forward.

Heimplanet Store Hamburg

Recently we got the chance to show case all the hard work from the past few months at the head office, Haffen city Hamburg. The whole crew were there and we had quite the evening presenting the work. 

We are excited to share the share the new portal with you very soon. Until then here are a few highlights from the our trip to see the team.

Heimplanet Store Hamburg

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