Who is… Paul

Hey, I am indeed Paul, one of the co-founders of Hyperfocus. Design lover who spends way too much on sneakers. Born and raised in the north of England I now and have for the past 10+ years lived in Hamburg Germany.

What are you doing here and tell us who you really are?

I am running the digital design part of the business, Let's say I am the other complementary part that makes us a digital brand design studio.

I started out many moons ago as a budding artist turned graphic designer. I found design whilst studying fine art drawing and photography at university. I fell in love with graphic design and was heavily inspired by design studios like the Designers Republic and the Attik back then. For me they were blurring the boundaries between art and design, it was an exciting time. 

Ten years ago I made the transition to working in the digital space, still keeping a hand in the design world. The essence of storytelling through digital experiences captivated me and I was hooked. I built my career around creating beautiful brands that translate into lovable digital platforms.

How did you come to work with Hyperfocus?

As one of the co-founders, I suppose I was there from the start. We had this idea to create a modern day studio that merged the best of brand and digital design into a place that celebrated design excellence.

What's your style? 

I would say clean, simple, bold.

What's your favourite project you have been involved in?

I was lucky enough to be part of an amazing team that developed the branding for FUNK. This is one of Germanys coolest content creator channels. They produce their own content and help to elevate up and coming talents. It is funded by ARD & ZDF, the German equivalent to the BBC in the UK. 

You working on anything big in the background?

Build this business 🙂 and growing my family.

What made you fall in love with design?

I feel in love with drawing first as a kid, this led me on to being curious about anything visual. Skateboarding introduced me to the idea of what branding could be. The heroes of my days such as the mighty David Carson and Stanley Donwood really solidified that design was for me. 

Do you have any design heroes?

Heroes yes although today they come in the form of design studios. Studios such as Kurppa Hosk, Collins and Accept & Proceed. These guys help me get out of bed everyday.

Inspire a new generation of designers in one word?

Stay humble (two words I know!)

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