Our 6 Step Digital Brand Process.

When you hear the word process and design together it's natural to want to run for the hills.

There is this idea that to be truly creative and experimental there should be no barriers holding back the floodgates of inspiration. We agree creativity plays a huge role in branding but understanding the core building blocks and defining targets and goals is the key to focussing that creativity into the right places. We have defined 6 steps that play out over a defined roadmap. Each one is a piece in the puzzle to unlocking your digital brand and the potential it has on the road to success.


1. Discovery.

During the discovery phase, our aim is to understand your business. 

Let's jump straight in with our uniquely tailored workshop. We will take a deep dive into your future dreams and aspirations. Unlock the brand's top 3 values. See who turns ‘you on’ when it comes to your favourite companies and brands. Concluding with a first look at defining your very own brand personality. 


2. Define.

We have all the juicy info we need.

The next big milestone is to make something tangible out of it. We create a document that will become the backbone of everything else we do. We set standards and benchmarks that act as a guiding light as we start to develop the next steps ahead of us.


3. Design Exploration.

The part you have been looking forward to, it's showtime!

Finally, you get to see your startup come to life through stylescapes. We play out a narrative that unfolds showing you the first expression of your brand across multiple platforms and media. Experimenting with colour, images, type and a first look at how your potential UI and logo could look.


4. Brand Assets.

Building your very own toolbox.

We will define the essential elements for a digital brand: responsive logo, colours, typeface, imagery, tone of voice, grids and paddings, icons, and illustration. Depending on the nature of your startup we will define the deliverables and create all the necessary components to get you started.


5. Brand Management Platform.

The central point of truth!

Quite the ominous term right, but it's an amazing tool and very liberating. Gone are the days of sending pngs via email and trying to remember where you put that bit of paper with your hex codes scribbled down on. We will create a beautiful platform that can be confidently shared with team members and partners. From here they can easily download all your brand assets.


6. Rollout.

It's alive!

In this phase, everything starts to come to life! Websites are born, logos are embedded, and launch strategies underway. The all-new brand will be introduced to your team and to your audience. We work closely with you to prepare and produce all the set deliverables to realize your vision and help set you up for the road ahead. This is just the beginning of your journey as now can be proud to shout it from the rooftops that you now own your own own your brand.


Keeping us all safe.

During these crazy times, we want to make our process as safe and as easy as possible. We use the best collaboration tools for our projects to make the job between us as seamless and safe as possible.


Our 6 Step process explained. 

In this video, we take a deep dive into these topics and go case by case into the benefits of all 6 steps.

Our methods.

Sounds great right? But how do you even do that? We have re imagined techniques and processes that are used in lean digital product development. Reimaging them for digital brand development.


Workshop Culture

Brand focused workshops, unlocking your mission purpose and future.


Sprint Methods

Tailored digital planning processes that allow us to focus on the important details.


Decision Making

Quickfire no-fuss decisions that take you to the next step quickly and effectively.


Brand Lab

Validate your ideas with the right audience as we ask the right questions to the right people.


Tool Box

Developing the right tools for the journey ahead incl, UI kit development, design systems, and tooling.


Lean Prototyping

Quick lean in-the-hand prototypes to really feel and understand your brand.

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Hyperfocus is an intense form of mental concentration or visualization that focuses consciousness on a subject, topic, or task. 

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