Collectively over the years, we have had the privilege to work on some amazing projects for startups and established brands. Alongside some incredible people who are true masters in their field. Here you will find a mixed bag of work spanning the last few years. From work done previous to Hyperfocus to more recent work, we did here at the studio.

Beyond One - Identity


Hamburg-based Beyond One asked us to develop their new identity. We develop the look, strategy, mission, vision, design system, TOV, and logos.  The focus was heavily on realizing the digital brand and setting them up for its expansion as a business. Create an awesome culture and build a brand that is without doubt lovable.

Ginger Berlin - Identity


Ginger Berlin is a small startup boutique sound production company in Berlin. They are owned by Massive music who have offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and the North Pole, they create music for the world’s leading advertising agencies, brands, media, and technology companies.  The design is inspired by their love of minimalism and simplicity and Swiss poster design.

Funk - Identity & Product


Funk is a German video-on-demand startup service operated by the public broadcasters ARD and ZDF. Responsible for the service is the ARD member SWR. Funk describes itself as a content network. The target group is people between the age of 14 and 29. As part of an incredible team, we worked together to build the brand, platform, and app.

Creative team: Paul Watmough, Claus Jacobsen
Concept&UX: Bertram Gugel, Javier García Martín
Motiondesign: Christopher Hegenberg
Icons: Lukas Bischoff / Copy: Frederik Oesterlin

Enter The Complex


Enter The Complex is a startup fashion label designing and selling sustainable hats, scarves, and headbands. We developed their brand platform, website, TOV, and Amazon shop. Also developing the photography look and creative direction on the shoot.

Deutsche Bahn Digital Platform - Identity & System

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Co-founder Paul Watmough-Halim as Design Lead, led the development of the design system called DPP. Together with an amazing team of designers and developers, we developed this platform. This 'central point of truth' aligns all design principles, UX, and code together in one place. The purpose is to unify and bring together shared visions to continue to create consistent and innovative products. This product was part of the innovation startup department called BahnX at Deutsche Bah

Team - BahnX & Dayone

Heimplanet - Identiy


Heimplanet is a German outdoor gear brand whose award-winning, innovative products have garnered the company global recognition. Co-founder Jan Stein helped to built an entirely new identity with bold photography, a distinct typography, and minimalist layout principles all pay tribute to Heimplanet’s core vision: to explore new ideas, to accomplish things in a different way, and most of all to seek inspiration through travel. The new design language was applied to all key retail and product packaging elements as well as inspirational lookbooks and various promotional materials. 

Creative team: Anatolij Roppelt, Matthias Scholz, Jan Stein

DB Explorer - Identity & product


Our co-founder Paul Watmough-Halim worked as Design Lead on a very special project called DB Explorer for the innovation startup department BahnX at Deutsche Bahn. We developed an app for the urban commuter, the brand, and the experience was carefully crafted to have a fun and down-to-earth tone. Bringing a high joy of use for the user and rewarding them with an experience they want to come back to time and time again.   

P3 - Identity


Founded in 1996 as a spin-off company of the renowned Fraunhofer Institute, P3 is a conglomerate of companies from the engineering and technology sectors with a focus on aviation, automotive, and telecommunication. Co-founder Jan Stein helped to create and to rollout the visual brand design. 

Creative team: Anatolij Roppelt, Matthias Scholz, Jan Stein

Frankfurter Buchmesse - Design System & Identity


Ou co-founder Paul Watmough-Halim worked alongside the Hamburg studio Shift to re-imagine the brand experience for the Frankfurter Buchmesse. We developed a design system and design language that retained the iconic feeling of the event. At the same time though bringing it very much into today, with an easy-to-use systematic language and a bold brave new face.

HYPE Recap vid

Here is a little taster of the first few months @Hyperfocus

86 Tales - Identiy


Sound production boutique startup based in Berlin, 86Tales. We worked with the team to create their brand design and overall experience. Launched 2021, 86 Tales prides itself on delivering sonic branding, with an independent mindset and working with unique companies and artists who have the same approach to create beautifully tailor-made stories.

Red Bull


Our co-founder Jan Stein was commissioned to create the brand identity, welcome kit, on-site branding, and a range of memorable items for the Red Bull BP17 Culture Conference. This annual conference – held each year in a different city – brings the entire global Culture & Culture Communications family of Red Bull together, and sets the direction for future marketing efforts and programs.

Creative team: Anatolij Roppelt, Matthias Scholz, Jan Stein

Jeudi Records - Identity

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Born in the middle of Hamburg’s infamous red light district, JEUDI Records have spread their love for tactile vinyl, funky hand claps and deep house tunes all over the world. Our co-founder Jan Stein helped creating the brand identity for JEUDI. The goal was to keep it simple, playful but sophisticated, contemporary yet timeless.

Creative team: Anatolij Roppelt, Matthias Scholz, Jan Stein


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